Johnny Depp: Jupiter, Neptune & Saturn, Revisited

Some of you might remember those Neptune (in Pisces) and Saturn (then in Sagittarius) squares from 2016 — 3 particular aspects that spanned from late 2015 on. And some of you might also remember Jupiter was in Virgo, complicating matters by forming a T-square between these aspects.

In the recent Rolling Stone article, “The Trouble With Johnny Depp“, the writer Stephen Rodrick details the trials and tribulations surrounding the troubled Hollywood celebrity, and I couldn’t help but notice Depp experienced a series of turning points in his life during 2016 — namely, the death of his mother and the collapse of his marriage with Amber Heard. More than this as well — Depp’s lawyer Waldman became involved in his financial dealings, and litigation started in March 2016 against the team handling Depp’s finances.

Coincidence? I think not.

Reading the laundry list of Depp’s expenditures and alleged compulsive spending, it’s easy enough to see the influence of Jupiter all over his life. Jupiter is often given a free pass as a kind and benevolent force bestowing great gifts, but this ignores Jupiter’s down side: Jupiter expands the bad as well as the good. If you spent a nickel ordinarily, Jupiter and Neptune are going to want you to bet a million nickels on the horses, regardless of how bad the odds are.

Interestingly enough, one of the accusations is that Depp spent $30,000 monthly on wine — hello Neptune in Pisces — and when subject came up, Depp responded to the effect that it was much more than that! Jupiter and Neptune, indeed.

It’s not hard to see Saturn implicated in all of this. Saturn is the constraining force, Saturn is making his presence known from his debilitated space in Sagittarius, where the 9th house is key — a house of Jupiter. It would be hard to imagine anyone trying to put the brakes on their spending, their drinking, or their behavior during this time, and now that Saturn has moved into his home base of Capricorn, he will begin to draw blood and truly knuckle down, no longer having to war with the expansiveness of Jupiter by rulership.

While Saturn had still been in Sagittarius, it appears Depp made some token attempts to gain control over his expenditures, but with Saturn so debilitated, and under the influence of that Neptune square, everything must have been working against his intentions.

It’s a profound illustration that aspects from years past can have a ricochet effect into the future, and nowhere more potent than where Saturn happens to be, and where he is headed …

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Neptune/Saturn Square 2016: Lessons

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Many astrologers are aflutter about the Neptune/Saturn Square of 2016, and indeed, the lessons rain down fierce for a great many of us in this interim between the first contact, November 26, 2015, and the second, June 18th, 2016, and the last, September 10, 2016.

For me, my situation is particularly amplified by a natal Neptune in Sagittarius where Saturn is currently diving in, compounding my Pluto square midlife transit in Capricorn, while today’s Neptune in Pisces is making sparks by, not only squaring Saturn in Sag, but also testing my mettle in an opposition to my natal 1st house Virgo Saturn. (For details on Orcus, who is also thrown into this cosmic morass, you really need to read Jem Neal’s amazing breakdown at the Mountain Astrologer.)

I recognize the wisdom of admitting that all things in life are merely different energies, neither good nor bad, and many which we must develop the strength to transform, but let’s just call a spade what a spade is, as we do in my vulgar state of New Jersey: BEND OVER. With Mercury in retrograde and Neptune on the side of maximum vagueness, comes a cost, and its results are often not pretty. Suffering can be an unavoidable side affect of hard transits.

Today I had to turn away a client in my field of design work. There’s a lesson in these experiences that can be defined by the stars themselves. I made contact with a businessman helming a publishing business (9th house Sag), in dire need of a graphic designer. I made contact with him but from the first, our discussions were blighted with a vagueness on his part (Neptune). I agreed to do some sample work so he could decide if he would like to take me on as a contractor. Delighted by the results and my quick turnaround time borne of years of dedicated skill, he immediately flooded my inbox with requests, though we’d only had a brief conversation in which he mentioned paying me several hundred dollars to put together his publication and create a few dozen new ads.

The problem was he never really revealed how much work was involved and how many publications it was intended I should put together, and how long he expected this job to last. I requested he put into writing all the information he gave me over the phone, and with added details so I could know the full scope of his operations. Yet, there was always a reason he could not — an event he had to attend, and then a reluctant capitulation to give me a written agreement, if I wanted it. Neptune rules this man, making his every communication vague and non-committal at best — purposely deceptive at worst. Saturn, dishonored, seethes in the background, tapping his fingers along the counter top of the cosmos with a jaundiced eye. And my own Saturn, in my 1st house, guest with my natal North node which is now in the rare proposition of conjuncting with Jupiter, a natal transit, will not brook this type of dismissal.

I suspect that many Neptunian figures in their worst behavior will be acting out and doing malice. Fraud and conmen will multiply as economies contract under an expansive Jupiter in Virgo’s demands for sacrifice. Beware deception. It would be a good time to be cautious of the drugs you might be taking and their effect on you, and others around you. Make your Neptunian addictions productive ones, such as escaping into a hobby whose results are tangible and positive in influence.

The stars are not necessary to realize that in times of economic contraction, which we are surely experiencing, that it sets the stage for the worst of what Neptune has to offer. Neptune will be like that lazy roommate who has been piling the dishes on Saturn. When things were going good, people overlooked Neptune’s lack of follow-through and forgave him on the basis of his charm. But when there is not enough resources to go around, people begin to look around themselves and ask why our good friend Neptune is able to do less work, eat more, smoke more, enjoy himself more — and not the rest of us? Frictions erupt between relationships that were previously carefree, if the balance of respect is not kept.

The wise person will honor each of these planets in their turn, as needed for their own chart signature. Neptune is not a bad planet, far from it — but with these aspects, he may well be thrown in a harsher light as Saturn asks for his share of the rent. And Neptune, unused to this pressure, will be forced into uncomfortable situations unknown to him previously.