Gemini New Moon, 5-25-2017

New Moon 5-25-2017

A lovely grand fire trine is forming during the sun and moon’s passage through Gemini, and should make for swift and satisfying communications. The North Node in Leo, Uranus in Aries, and Saturn in Sagittarius are all in accordance. We flow smoothly from place to place, transmitting ideas and being readily understood, our messages are clear and understandable. Contracts are exchanged, agreements struck, and moving from place to place and enjoying the novel and the new comes easy and carefree. All these things under the auspices of Gemini and Mercury should find favor.

That’s not to say this moon does not have its share of complications — as with everything, we have some harder aspects to deal with, but I know with my business and financial interests firmly rooted in audio and creative writing, I’ll be sure to initiate projects to give them that extra oomph! Especially with Mercury in Taurus, Taurus will make your projects long lasting and unlike Geminis often flighty tendency to move on to the new interesting flavor of the moment, Taurus has the steam and endurance to see things through to the end.  This is a boon to work that requires both an initiatory spirit and a need for refining and crafting.

Now that we’ve highlighted the good, let’s look at the not so good.

Pushy Venus at 19 degrees of Aries may indicate a fast and furious romance that goes against the grain of more conservative and cautious Capricorn, where Pluto at 19 degrees squares. Capricorn is going to want to iron out the details and Pluto isn’t going to give up control or stop digging for the underlying meaning of things. Add in Black Moon Lillith in Sagittarius at 11 degrees, who is squared by Neptune at 14 degrees of Pisces, and it suggests that romances initiated under this moon are going to be plagued by both the benefits and the downsides of magnetic sexuality — sometimes, we rush in to satisfy pleasure without considering the consequences. This act-now think-later attitude will certainly yield an affair to remember given the Venus in Aries heat, and the Lillith in Sagittarius magnetism, where Saturn is struggling to keep a lid on the happy-go-lucky archer. Those squares to Pluto and Neptune, though, suggest all the sticky complications of a love affair gone wrong, an extra marital affair, infidelity, power struggles, and all the lying such situations tend to generate. Of course, this might also figure in more than only love, but also money.

If these squares with their clashing energy weren’t potent enough, we have further semi-squares, creating aftershocks and stall points that are less easily resolved.

In particular, Venus in Aries semi-square the Gemini sun and moon, and Mercury in Taurus semi-square Mars in Gemini, also suggest, in spite of the burning power of this Grand Fire Trine, we may encounter that what course of action we decide upon under this new moon now creates a domino effect of unforeseen consequences; projects which begin with great promise might not complete to schedule, but bear this in mind — this is not necessarily a negative! Consider that a writer, initiating a creative project, might end up going through steep and rigorous edits, all of which give the sensation of spinning wheels in a rut, but which, over the course of months, bears a great deal of fruit in the form of awards or recognition, or increased pay. Use this Grand Fire Trine well!

I advise anyone to take on the qualities of Mercury and be ready to think on your feet to counter the difficult aspects of the semi-squares.

Less palatable is the opposition forming between Mars in Gemini and Saturn in Sagittarius. We might have to face up to responsibilities for our quick words or decisions, or deal with clashes with authority figures and arguments that spring up around them. This may be the case where you know you’re right, but someone who holds power refuses to acknowledge they are in the wrong, and it costs you. This is the time for swallowing your pride and picking your battles, and you may have to choose diplomacy over valor.

Lastly, a Taurus Mercury inconjunct Jupiter in Libra might have us sticking to our guns when we should be compromising with our friends or in our relationships, and as a result, we don’t quite see eye to eye. Taurean inflexibility will not smooth things over in your personal life, as fluid Mercury is better when he exerts his mercurial spirit. Be willing to bend to influence, for if you cannot bend, the inconjunct might force you to break! Be generous with your spirit and your words to and these should blend nicely with the Grand Fire Trine and help you sidestep the less desireable effects of the inconjunct.

Mercury Retrograde

If there’s anything I learn through observation of the natural world, it’s that if we want to make the most of any moment, we must flow with it, not against it — even when those events are those we would rather fight against.

In typical fashion, bills have made it to the mail box late, the computer has crashed, freelance gigs have been mired in confusion and miscommunications, and all things seem to be flowing in reverse.

I often watch co-workers expend much energy complaining and expressing discomfort and unhappiness when things go wrong. This has been the social convention we labor under, where it is expected we will complain unendingly about a situation, a job, a co-worker who bothers us. This is our foremost reaction, that of knee-jerk vocalizations, which in reality, is our cry for help. We want someone to hear our call, and come help us. We want someone to hear our whine, and fix our problem. Except, we are not babies any longer; and no one is coming.

Mercury retrograde is in the end, not that bad, though for many people, a simple issue like a missed bill, a co-worker’s paperwork mistake, a missed red light, all these things can have a cascade effect which end in massive overturnings of our lives. We cannot afford to neglect the attention Mercury deserves in our lives, lest that missed bill ends in foreclosure, our co-worker’s mistake costs the company millions, or the red light ends in smoking wreckage. Naturally, we might assume other aspects are at work to lead to bigger upheavals, but Mercury is there, in the background, pulling at us to pay attention to the messages he sends.

This retrograde period, instead of wailing against the changes and fighting Mercury’s reversal, I’m making it work for me, going over projects in need of attention, refusing clients who will not spell out explicitly what they want, and using my computer crash to format the drive and set up a dual operating system with Ubuntu and Windows, and teach myself code.

Use Mercury wisely, or he will use you as his messenger — and you will be the one who accidentally throws out someone’s important mail, you will be the hidden hand who neglects the project at work that someone else will clean up, and you will be the one in the fender bender — the proverbial wrench in the works.

Which one do you think you are this Mercury period?