Gemini Moon, 11 Degrees, 12-3-2017

Gemini Moon 12-3-17

This lunation sees the full moon at 11 degrees of Gemini, and the sun at 11 degrees of Sagittarius. This moon completes at cycle begun at the Gemini new moon of May 25, 2017. Ask yourself what was going on in your life during that week, and if any projects initiated then are reaching fruition now. You can read my post about that new moon here.

What makes this aspect doubly interesting is that we have Mercury in retrograde at 29 degrees of Sagittarius. Just when we though he was done being at his detriment in this sign, he’s going to be going back for another to trip to see what we missed, and conjunct Saturn at 28 degrees, preparing to move out of Sagittarius and into Capricorn by the end of December.

In the meantime, what this also means is that the moon in Gemini is, by rulership, under Mercury’s influence, so we look to Mercury’s condition to understand how our private lives will be affected, since the moon oversees our emotions, our behind the scenes life. We might expect a certain amount of bravado in our communications that lands us in trouble, committing to promises that are never lived up to, or worse, outright lying.

Meanwhile, the sun is moving through Sagittarius, highlighting our public life and social world with concerns belonging to Sagittarius – foreign culture and travel, publishing, and high education among others. Sagittarius is a light-hearted, happy-go-lucky sign, and we have Venus at 2 degrees, Mercury at 29 degrees retrograde, and Saturn at 28 degrees — all in Sagittarius! We will feel expanded in our personal lives for the moment, perhaps getting a lucky payment overseas, our communications buoyant and chatty. As in all periods of Mercury in retrograde, it is advisable to keep contracts at bay, especially if you are involved in publishing. New projects are not emphasized at this time.

Complicating our matters of communication with a Mercury at detriment and retrograde, our more significant aspects include a square to the sun and the moon from Neptune at 11 degrees Pisces. Neptune will provide the appropriate fog to make bad deals seem like great ideas, and buoyant Mercury could walk us right into a trap that could have been avoided with greater attention to detail. Approach communications with a healthy dose of skepticism; there could be more going on than is first apparent.

Mars at 26 degrees of Libra is still in detriment here, where he is forced to gaze upon his preferred sign, Aries. Mars prizes action and wants what he wants, and he wants it now; spouses might be prone to argue a little more than usual under this aspect, as Libra rules marriages and relationships, and Mars will not be inclined to negotiate.

Uranus at 24 degrees of Aries will be in opposition to Mars. This will increase a sense of tension and may encourage mishaps or accidents. Don’t push things; sometimes standing still without using force can give a better result, and this is one of those times. Nerves may fray under Uranus’s electrifying nature.

In addition, Uranus at 24 degrees of Aries forms a trine to Mercury in Sagittarius. This also encourages more velocity when it comes to communications and Uranus’s rebellious nature; and with Mercury already in enough trouble, rather than this trine being a calmer aspect, it can aggravate present circumstances and make events happen faster, whether it’s matter of being hoodwinked or a fender bender at a stoplight.

Black Moon Lilith has a fiery, taboo nature all her own, and this time around she is at 2 degrees of Capricorn, and conjunct Saturn and Mercury. This could indicate a powerful female presence, but it could also mean a more intense focus on all the sexual controversy that has been stirred by recent events in the news. With Saturn representing a patriarch, and Mercury stumbling in his messages, it will be interesting to see if all these elements are clashing as the Black Moon Liliths in our lives, our generation, are demanding justice for abuse of sex and power. Black Moon Lilith wants creation without constraint, and she has no shame about what she wants, and will not suffer anyone to shame her. If there is backlash against women, Black Moon Lilith may take a very transformative and powerful role in 2018 when she conjuncts with Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn.

A compilation of the full and new moons of 2018 will be available in late 2017, called Lunations, 2018, which will be made available as an ebook.

Mercury Retrograde

If there’s anything I learn through observation of the natural world, it’s that if we want to make the most of any moment, we must flow with it, not against it — even when those events are those we would rather fight against.

In typical fashion, bills have made it to the mail box late, the computer has crashed, freelance gigs have been mired in confusion and miscommunications, and all things seem to be flowing in reverse.

I often watch co-workers expend much energy complaining and expressing discomfort and unhappiness when things go wrong. This has been the social convention we labor under, where it is expected we will complain unendingly about a situation, a job, a co-worker who bothers us. This is our foremost reaction, that of knee-jerk vocalizations, which in reality, is our cry for help. We want someone to hear our call, and come help us. We want someone to hear our whine, and fix our problem. Except, we are not babies any longer; and no one is coming.

Mercury retrograde is in the end, not that bad, though for many people, a simple issue like a missed bill, a co-worker’s paperwork mistake, a missed red light, all these things can have a cascade effect which end in massive overturnings of our lives. We cannot afford to neglect the attention Mercury deserves in our lives, lest that missed bill ends in foreclosure, our co-worker’s mistake costs the company millions, or the red light ends in smoking wreckage. Naturally, we might assume other aspects are at work to lead to bigger upheavals, but Mercury is there, in the background, pulling at us to pay attention to the messages he sends.

This retrograde period, instead of wailing against the changes and fighting Mercury’s reversal, I’m making it work for me, going over projects in need of attention, refusing clients who will not spell out explicitly what they want, and using my computer crash to format the drive and set up a dual operating system with Ubuntu and Windows, and teach myself code.

Use Mercury wisely, or he will use you as his messenger — and you will be the one who accidentally throws out someone’s important mail, you will be the hidden hand who neglects the project at work that someone else will clean up, and you will be the one in the fender bender — the proverbial wrench in the works.

Which one do you think you are this Mercury period?