Astrology of February 16, 2022, Leo Full Moon

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Are you ready to take center stage, Leo? This month’s full moon will be in Leo on February 16, 2022, and the moon is about to burst with climactic energy! It’s time to get excited about the future, and the astrology is buzzing! This winter might have driven you indoors, whether you were feeling zapped of energy or down and out with the weather, but you’re running out of excuses – it’s time to get out of the house and get creative, and thanks to the Full Moon Leo, you’ll have fantastic opportunities this month. February 16 is your day of great opportunity, and you’ll take advantage of this opportunity to command attention, and seek new possibilities. All eyes are on you!

Did you have a happy Galentine’s day? Valentine’s day is just around the corner at the time of this writing, but you might want to pop in and check on your loved ones to remind them you care. A flower, a bauble, or a note that shows you care will go a long way!

The week of February 13 begins with the Moon moving into opposition to Mars, Venus, and Pluto in Capricorn as she enters Leo. After Mercury re-enters Aquarius on Valentine’s Day, your senses may be reeling with the Valentine’s Day sensitivity and passion, stirring up self-expression, lustiness, and romance as the moon culminates in Leo.

The full moon in Leo on February 16 enhances our romantic vibe, but even better, even though Venus and Mars will be in opposition, they will also be aligned! Venus and Mars will join on this day as well. When the Sun and Moon oppose each other, Venus and Mars come together in an energetic dance. The full moon in Leo illuminates love and relationships and finds in them balance. The sensory alignment of Venus and Mars is passionate, and with Venus’s pragmatism and Mar’s action, will start a cycle of putting security, finance, and loyalty on our list of relationship priorities.

Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius should expect to find themselves buzzing with this cosmic energy, as you’ll feel it the most, especially if you have rising signs, sun signs, or moon signs in your natal chart.

Best of all, this moon in Leo should be helping you connect with your creative self. You may have a stellar project in the making, a true creative pursuit, or maybe a major issue that requires creative thinking to see it through. What a time to bloom! This week’s festive full moon in your sign will not only clear things up, but will also awaken your heart chakra and remind you to care for inner self. Use this moon to connect with your inner talents so you can shine through your unique self.   

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Photo by Negarin Studio from Pexels