Do you take clients?

Yes. That said, my world view is not that of the typical modern astrologer. I have a some-what more pragmatic idea of how life evolves, that much of that is not in our control, and so I work with people on what they can control: themselves. (The stars may point the way, but they will not do the heavy lifting for you.) If you feel this mindset is too negative, confining, and, dare I say it — Saturnian! — then you might be better off with those astrologers who focus more on free will and positivity.

I have personal experience with trauma related events, grief, and post-traumatic stress disorder, and other personal events which could be thought of as relating to Saturn, Pluto, and Orcus.*

If, after all this, you think my services might be of help to you, feel free to contact me at maria.starsbydesign(at)gmail.com and we can discuss things further. A reading of your natal chart, along with an exploration of areas of concern for you or questions you might have pertaining to personal matters or the future, are printed out and then sent to you through snail mail, with a copy of your natal chart. The cost of this is $50.00 to be paid via Paypal.

What are your thoughts on Law of Attraction? Do you do Law of Attraction work with astrology?

No, I don’t. Please see this post here to understand my thoughts on Law of Attraction.

*(That said, my services are not a replacement for the advice of medical professionals and if you are an at risk person with serious problems, you should seek out appropriate help.)