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Super Moon in Taurus: Exalted


Everyone’s abuzz about the Super Moon in Taurus at 22 degrees, with the sun in Scorpio, Taurus’s opposite sign.

Expect the moon to bring out the passionate side of this fixed sign of Taurus, especially in the aftermath of the recent election — people will be examining what they value in life, and they will be doing so beyond the Taurean scope of money-counting and possessiveness — instead, it will be inner and spiritual wealth that will come under scrutiny. Already, I’ve been listening to people speak on how they relate to this country, it’s politics, their relationship to the government, and to their neighbors, and what it means to be an American — all themes on those inner subjects whose worth is intangible. Scorpio turns the Taurus bull to look deeper into these issues and how they relate to our internal lives — the ultimate value and wealth that remains when all other physical things have been burned away, in Scorpionic fashion. But the bull is stubborn — no one wants to give an inch, or change their minds.

Stay safe during this super moon, as the nature of this intensity and passionate examination of worth might lead to violence and certainly, schisms between people who were formerly friends, if our ideals of worth and value turn out to create fractures which cannot be tolerated and build into conflict, in order to prove our worth, and that we deserve our place, our power, and to believe what we believe without being challenged for it.

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