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The Trump Card: Regulus


I know, I know. The last thing anyone really wants to hear is more politics; but many moons ago, when Trump was still a laughing joke working up to the campaign year, I took the time to draw up the charts of Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump. I was stunned by what I saw in Trump’s chart. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Based on the info from, Donald Trump was born at 10:54 am, June 14, 1946 in Jamaica, NY. Most astrologers I’ve come across don’t take Regulus into account, but Regulus has been a principal interest of mine. My mother was born with it on her MC, I was born with it on my ASC, and our lives have been roller coasters. We can attest to the power of Regulus. The feeling seems to be that fixed stars are considered outdated or of little value in chart reading; and this might have some merit where the stars don’t figure prominently. However, when they intersect at critical junctures, they can certainly demonstrate their power.

No less here, in Trump’s chart — conjunct his ASC, also trine his Jupiter in Libra, and Sun in the tenth house of Gemini. His moon in fourth house Sag is interesting, and no doubt adds to his expansive charisma and his ability to wield anything the media throws at him into a political boon. Even characterizing himself as “The Donald”, he’s cast himself as a heroic character in his own campy world wrestling event, relegating his running mates to the status of villains. It is an infantile if efficient method of whipping the masses into frenzy by tapping into the same mechanisms that are at work in the wrestling world — anything from “trash talk” (i.e. Trump won’t debate Bernie Sanders because “seems inappropriate that I would debate the second-place finisher”) to theater in its basest form (i.e. reality TV ala “The Apprentice.”) But we can see with Moon in Sag, and the sun in Gemini, how communication and media are entirely realms he can bend to his will. It is, in effect, his home turf. Mercury, Saturn and Venus in Cancer all play their parts in his accrual of important friendships which no doubt aid him in the 11th house, and Mercury has the sensitive, emotional flavor Cancer is known for, and which likely adds to his allure as a speaker — (though what that allure might be, myself being a more Saturnian, Taurus sun little impressed by the superficial, is a freakin’ mystery to me.)

There are plenty of stresses and squares so numerous, we haven’t time to cover them, and in this context, they aren’t slowing Trump down. In many ways, these squares and what problems they might impose hardly matters; the proliferation of many squares can point to both a hard life, but also, a person who learns to overcome obstacles because they have no other alternative. A person who resolves these squares can move forward in unexpected ways; others who fail to can persist in great pain, or alternately, find clever ways to compartmentalize the difficult parts of themselves they fail to synthesize.

Regulus is famed for occupying that place in Leo dubbed “The Heart of the Lion.” No more, now that Regulus has moved into Virgo since 2012, but it’s worth noting that Regulus is also known as “the Kingmaker.” The star is assigned the ability to lift people to the apex of the wheel of fortune, in a sense, but the dark side is also present in Trump’s chart with Pluto in his 12th house Leo, Mars occupying the same at some distance to Pluto, but 3 degrees from Regulus (ASC).

Notably, his MC conjuncts another fixed star that forms part of the Perseus constellation. If there is an opposite to Regulus, the fixed stars in Taurus well be those, from Algol to Capulus — and Capulus is where Trump’s midheaven is conjunct at 24 degrees of Taurus. The nasty history of these degrees of Taurus in which Trump’s midheaven rests have been legendary for disaster across world cultures, my particular favorite being the Chinese, who regarded it as a precursor to massacre, had a name for this section of the constellation which translated to “heaped up corpses.” You can read the gory details here.

Modern interpretations favor the idea that doing what you can for the greater good of the universe will surely ameliorate the heavy weight of Regulus and Capulus/Algol’s dual burdens and treacherous potential, but I maintain that saints are martyred all the time — being good has little to do with fate. And indeed, if self-aware of what is happening, you can perhaps help yourself to some degree utilize the pain and promise of such a chart signature for an inner transformation. This can lend great meaning to life itself. Yet, there will be pain; no matter where you choose to turn.

Will that be Trump’s lot? Will he be elected only to end in impeachment as his fall? Or will different upheavals cast him from the throne, so to speak? Regulus holds that potential. Either way, I expect he will be sworn in when it’s all said and done — though I very much hope otherwise.


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